At Hans technologies we specialise in providing all types of top level domain names (TLDs) and are PLATINIUM partner of Indias leading domain name registry Net4 India Ltd. We Also specialise in providing all types of E mailinfg solutions as per the customer requirements.Needless to say at Hans technologies we extend warm,friendly and personalised support for all our services offered.

Following are the highlights of a good domain name and personalised email address.

The Purpose and Benefits of a Website and Domain Name:

As the ways to run a business continue to evolve, having a website with a good domain name is like presenting a good shop front to your customers. Unlike a shop, however, your site is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is brought directly to their desktop. There is huge potential in using a website as an aspect of your business, and having a domain name is an integral part of that model.

Once you have a domain name, your business can be improved in several ways. Firstly, your traffic is bound to increase, as search engines and directories often prefer sites with their own Domain Names, and your customers will be more likely to remember and type in a catchy domain name. What is more, you can use your domain name in your email addresses, and have many specific email addresses relating to several departments, which gives a sense of a large and professional company – even if you are just one person company

Why your business needs Professional Email solutions?

Emails have been one of the most important channels of communication, particularly for businesses. As more and more individuals have started switching over to mobile text messaging, instant messaging (IMs) or social media, email solutions seems to have lost its sheen. However, this isn’t really true for businesses where emails are still the most popular medium for communication.

Despite the popularity of professional email services, there are still many businesses, particularly in India which still rely on free mail accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail for their business communication. Business email provides the much-needed credibility as well as recognition to businesses. By going for professional email solutions you can make your business look not only very professional, but also easily recognizable.

Here are the some benefits of using professional email solutions for your business:


First and the foremost, business email services provide a professional image to your business. Once your customers know that you have a good reputation in the industry they will be at ease to do business with you, as they would be aware that they are dealing with professionals.

More Credibility:

By having a professional email account you can offer your business with much-needed credibility. As your customers can easily visit your website, and know about you, it will help you in gaining the trust of your customers.

Builds Brand Value:

As a professional email account is associated with an easily recognizable and unique domain address, it allows your customers to visit your website and know about you. This way the customers can easily associate with your brand, hence increasing your brand value.

More Control:

Professional Email offers more control and more features than a free email account. You can easily choose the space you need, and also customize it depending upon the requirement. One can also select advanced features like monitoring, grouping, privacy (anti-spam & anti-virus) and much more.


Business email solutions cost nothing as compared to the benefits you get from them. Getting business emails makes a smart and valuable investment for your business.

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